6c: Weekend Detox

After much debate, Michelle and I thought it would be a  good idea to get involved in a detox cleanse. Two years ago, we participated in a one month cleanse and it produced great results . This cleanse  involved cutting back on all dairy, carbohydrates, and sugars. As difficult as it was, clear skin and a great metabolism kept us motivated. In the end, Michelle lost 8 pounds and I lost 4. However, the way our bodies felt was the biggest reward. This time around we tried to look for a shorter detox that will still give us some kind of positive results. So check out what we found! Continue reading


5c: How to Rise from a Setback

Throughout your weight loss journey, you will make mistakes. I make mistakes. Michelle makes mistakes. EVERYONE makes mistakes.


Yes- Homer Simpson too!

It happens – you devour that fudge brownie and you miss a bootcamp class or two this week.  But one thing you never do is beat yourself up about it (or worse- head to the fridge to drown your emotions in junk food). Rather, try to approach your setbacks as more of a learning experience and keep motivating yourself.

Michelle and I are almost a month into the competition – yikes. As much as we have our competitive faces on, we equally motivate and inspire each other to succeed. Also, we enjoy keeping up to date with some of our latest fitness inspirations for some extra support. Following these particular people really helps us stay on track with our own weight loss. Especially for me- when I see other people’s fitness transformations, it really makes me want to get up and burn some extra calories.

Finding someone that inspires you  to do the same will help prevent you from falling off the weight loss bandwagon. If you do not have any fitness idol’s, here are some that Michelle and I enjoy following:

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4c: My Morning Routine

Good morning everyone!


…or not.

I know were all not a big fan of early mornings, but why not make the best of it; starting with a good breakfast.  As I’m sure you’ve heard before- breakfast is the most important meal of the day! So every morning, i make sure i start off with a good balanced diet, as it sets the mood for the rest of the day. So get your but outta bed dammit!

Recently, Michelle and i have been treating ourselves every morning to a little vitamin shake. This is what it looks like:


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3c: 3 Actions to a Healthier Beverage

It’s no big secret that the trickiest thing when eating healthy is the agony of watching your best friends eat whatever the hell they want.


I don’t know about you, but this is a clear portrait of what my friends look like on a regular basis. And although you want to block all temptations, you don’t want to be sacrificing your girl time because of a possible cracking point.

Every Tuesday, my friends and I like arranging get-together’s at our local Starbucks or Second Cup. And every Tuesday I find myself battling the devil on my shoulder telling me to get the large hot chocolate.

On the other hand, Michelle is on maternity leave (which gives her time to cook meals at home), and holds all her friend’s get-together’s at her house. Lucky for her, this blocks her from facing temptations outside her house. The only thing holding me back from the temptations is the mental picture of my sister, at the end of these three months, uttering the words “I WIN”. So, if you’re someone like me who just can barely flick off the temptations, what do you do? Here’s my suggestion: You can still enjoy the lure of your favourite coffee shop beverages, just add little twists to your order to get them healthier, and enjoy it in moderation. How do you do this? Well, here are 3 actions to get you cutting down the calories at a coffee shop:

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2c: How to make the perfect salad

Because of the sun’s tentative appearances this weekend, I decide to dust off my summer bikini and hit the backyard pool with a fat bowl of summer salad. Strawberries, roasted almonds, dried cranberries, chick-peas and a light drizzle of raspberry vinaigrette top my spinach salad. As I chow down on every fruitful bite, I come to agree that a good ol’ salad can actually be enjoyable too!

Although i am a huge salad-lover, i can not say the same for the rest of my family. For one, Michelle hates them! And although she is eating well each day due to our competition, she refuses to take a bite out of a salad bowl. I simply look at this as one more reason as to why ill be crowned the winner at the end of these three months.

But, if your a stubborn anti-salad lover like my sister, i have a few secrets up my sleeve on how to make a salad that you are sure to be drooling over, so give these next few rules a try:

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1c: Blog it Off

Blog it Off

On May 1st 2013, I shake hands with the opponent, better known as my sister Michelle. With this simple motion, I accompany myself to three heavy months of sweat, tears, and ridiculous amounts of water slurping – and I’m talking RIDICULOUS amounts of it.

But the biggest battle; saying goodbye to some of my good friends:


You all will be truly missed

So yep, it’s official. If you haven’t guessed it already, Michelle and I will be partaking in a strict fitness competition against one another. Michelle promises to buy me a brand-spanking new mountain bicycle if I lose the most weight- how can I refuse that? Just the thought of an untouched Hybrid bike makes me do the happy dance. Oh, and a hot body at the end of it is a definite bonus. Continue reading