1c: Blog it Off

Blog it Off

On May 1st 2013, I shake hands with the opponent, better known as my sister Michelle. With this simple motion, I accompany myself to three heavy months of sweat, tears, and ridiculous amounts of water slurping – and I’m talking RIDICULOUS amounts of it.

But the biggest battle; saying goodbye to some of my good friends:


You all will be truly missed

So yep, it’s official. If you haven’t guessed it already, Michelle and I will be partaking in a strict fitness competition against one another. Michelle promises to buy me a brand-spanking new mountain bicycle if I lose the most weight- how can I refuse that? Just the thought of an untouched Hybrid bike makes me do the happy dance. Oh, and a hot body at the end of it is a definite bonus.


The dream bike – what a beauty!

But here’s a little confession – I have been slowly becoming more and more out of shape. Just walking up the stairs in the IB building at the University of Toronto Mississauga leaves me breathless; my hands resting above my head to resist the underarm sweat patches that are on the verge of breaking free. But this wasn’t always the case. In High School I was extremely fit and had lost a total of 30 pounds by grade 12. With this competition I hope to continue that journey and lose another 20 pounds to get to my goal weight of 125 pounds.

My Routine

Let’s not forget that starting weight loss is no walk in the park- pun intended. It takes clean eating and lots of exercise to get our dream bodies. Also, don’t think your fitness journey has to cost you big bucks in either attending a gym or meeting with a dietitian. Here are some exercise routines I follow that can help you get started in your fitness journey:

1: Blogilates


2: Shani Zumba

Now, here’s a little recap of what’s to come for me in the next three months:


Starts: May 12th 2013

Ends: September 12th 2013

Prize: The dream bike, and a fabulous body with a side of bragging rights.

So who will win it all?

                                                                   The hard-working student             vs.                 The busy mom

melandmichss melll

Name: Melanie                                                  Name: Michelle

Height: 5’6                                                          Height 5’4

Weight: 155                                                          Weight:145

Goal weight: 125                                                  Goal Weight:120

                        Hobbies: Zumba and Running                      Hobbies: Rock climbing and Reading

We shall see who takes it all in September, but for now, let’s blog it off…


2 thoughts on “1c: Blog it Off

  1. I find this competition you have going on with your sister is a genius idea! I wish my sister would do it with me (although were 5 years apart). I think for this one you can add the goals you’re aiming for and perhaps your “pre-game”. That way in your next few blogs you can touch up on the points you made earlier on and see if you’ve pulled through with it.

    Good idea for a blog nonetheless!

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