3c: 3 Actions to a Healthier Beverage

It’s no big secret that the trickiest thing when eating healthy is the agony of watching your best friends eat whatever the hell they want.


I don’t know about you, but this is a clear portrait of what my friends look like on a regular basis. And although you want to block all temptations, you don’t want to be sacrificing your girl time because of a possible cracking point.

Every Tuesday, my friends and I like arranging get-together’s at our local Starbucks or Second Cup. And every Tuesday I find myself battling the devil on my shoulder telling me to get the large hot chocolate.

On the other hand, Michelle is on maternity leave (which gives her time to cook meals at home), and holds all her friend’s get-together’s at her house. Lucky for her, this blocks her from facing temptations outside her house. The only thing holding me back from the temptations is the mental picture of my sister, at the end of these three months, uttering the words “I WIN”. So, if you’re someone like me who just can barely flick off the temptations, what do you do? Here’s my suggestion: You can still enjoy the lure of your favourite coffee shop beverages, just add little twists to your order to get them healthier, and enjoy it in moderation. How do you do this? Well, here are 3 actions to get you cutting down the calories at a coffee shop:

Action 1: Try the tea’s

healthy teass

Next to water, make herbal teas your best bud. Teas are infused with loads of anti-oxidants that help maintain your health. If you want to know more about all the benefits in teas, check out Time’s 13 reasons tea is good for you post.  Also, if you want to enhance the flavour, try ordering a tea latte for a milkier taste. And for hotter days, I recommend you try an iced tea- their refreshing and delicious!

Action 2: Substitute the bad stuff

If you find you’re not much of a tea lover- bazaar, but it happens– then don’t be alarmed, there is still hope. Coffee, latte, espresso, cappuccino, or frappes can still be a great option; just make these simple substitutions for a healthier beverage.

Instead of this:                                                                                                   Try this:


Cream                                                                                                      Skim Milk or Non Fat Milk

White Sugar or Sweetener                                                               Honey, Gava, or a flavoured shot (Hazelnut, Vanilla, etc)

Whipped cream                                                                                   Foam

Chocolate/caramel drizzle                                                             Cinnamon or Nutmeg spice

These simple rules can be applied to either hot or cold beverages, and can significantly decrease your calorie intake!

Action 3: Don’t make it a habit

If you want to treat yourself to a more sweet drink but still take the above precautions, try not to make it a habit. Once you get in the cycle, it may be too hard to get back on track. But yes, treating yourself to a sweet every now and then won’t do much harm.


As long as you follow these actions, girl’s night outs will be a lot more enjoyable. You can stop making excuses as to why you cant go out with your friends because your shamed of having to always be healthy. These steps have definitely helped me stay on track in this competition, and will help me win!

If you have any other suggestions on how you can create a healthier beverage, comment below!


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