4c: My Morning Routine

Good morning everyone!


…or not.

I know were all not a big fan of early mornings, but why not make the best of it; starting with a good breakfast.  As I’m sure you’ve heard before- breakfast is the most important meal of the day! So every morning, i make sure i start off with a good balanced diet, as it sets the mood for the rest of the day. So get your but outta bed dammit!

Recently, Michelle and i have been treating ourselves every morning to a little vitamin shake. This is what it looks like:


The protein powder we use is called MediClear Plus; it provides nutrients to the bod and flushes out any toxins. I highly recommend this product since it gives me energy each day. I especially recommend the brand, Thorne Reaserch, to those looking to lose weight but still want to provide their body with proper nutrients. For more information on MediClear Plus, visit the Thorne Research site.

Although I have to admit, the first day i tried this MediClear Plus powder, i HATED it. The texture of your beverage will taste grainy, which is what turned me off. But through trial and error i began to love it. The secret is that you have to alter the taste with an addition of fruits (especially sweet ones) to let your taste buds adapt. In this case i added bananas, frozen strawberries, almond milk and of course the vitamin powder. I am happy to say that this combination works really well! But this may not be the case for everyone. Some individuals, including Michelle, simply enjoy the beverage with just water; its completely up to you.

Now that we had a satisfying shake, Michelle and I enjoy going for a jog to get a good workout and some fresh air. This is a great way to refresh and energize your body for the start of your day. Sometimes this involves waking up at 6:00am in order to get our jog for the day. On days like this i have a second breakfast. This usually consist of either a slice of whole wheat bread and almond butter or a platter of fresh fruit around 10:00am.

And that`s our morning! Let me know how you enjoy spending your healthy morning each day!


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