5c: How to Rise from a Setback

Throughout your weight loss journey, you will make mistakes. I make mistakes. Michelle makes mistakes. EVERYONE makes mistakes.


Yes- Homer Simpson too!

It happens – you devour that fudge brownie and you miss a bootcamp class or two this week.  But one thing you never do is beat yourself up about it (or worse- head to the fridge to drown your emotions in junk food). Rather, try to approach your setbacks as more of a learning experience and keep motivating yourself.

Michelle and I are almost a month into the competition – yikes. As much as we have our competitive faces on, we equally motivate and inspire each other to succeed. Also, we enjoy keeping up to date with some of our latest fitness inspirations for some extra support. Following these particular people really helps us stay on track with our own weight loss. Especially for me- when I see other people’s fitness transformations, it really makes me want to get up and burn some extra calories.

Finding someone that inspires you  to do the same will help prevent you from falling off the weight loss bandwagon. If you do not have any fitness idol’s, here are some that Michelle and I enjoy following:

Snooki: Now I know what you’re thinking. Snooki, an idol? But in this case- most definitely! After giving birth to her child last year, this reality t.v star has been sticking to her goal in getting back in shape. Nobody will be calling this hot-tamale a meatball anymore- more like spaghetti!

If you are a mother like Snooki, you will find her weight loss journey extra inspiring since she shows it is possible to juggle a healthy lifestyle as a mother and wife. Hence this being Michelle’s personal favourite. So now for the big reveal; here is what Snooki looks like today:



Jennifer Aniston:  The way in which Aniston approaches health is extremely inspirational to me. She has put health and fitness as a priority her whole life. Unlike most celebrities who use these wacky remedies to lose weight, Aniston keeps it simple by just eating right and working out. One of her most famous quotes that fired up my love for her was when she said:

“I eat really well and I work out, but I also indulge when I want to. I don’t starve myself in an extremist way. You’re not taking away my coffee or my dairy or my glass of wine because I’d be devastated. My advice: just stop eating sh*t every day.”                                                    -Jennifer Aniston 

And here is how she looks today:


can you believe she’s in her 40’s with that body?

So, if you are ever in lack of motivation, i suggest keeping a photo of who inspires you on your wall. This way you can remind yourself of the goals you have, and to not give up. Once you find your own inspiration, let me know who it is that keeps you grounded!


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