6c: Weekend Detox

After much debate, Michelle and I thought it would be a  good idea to get involved in a detox cleanse. Two years ago, we participated in a one month cleanse and it produced great results . This cleanse  involved cutting back on all dairy, carbohydrates, and sugars. As difficult as it was, clear skin and a great metabolism kept us motivated. In the end, Michelle lost 8 pounds and I lost 4. However, the way our bodies felt was the biggest reward. This time around we tried to look for a shorter detox that will still give us some kind of positive results. So check out what we found!

While searching for a new detox to try, we came across Dr. Oz’s 48 hour Weekend Cleanse. This weekend, we plan to try it out and see if we feel any differences just from three days. After watching many of Dr.Oz’s show’s we trust that only good will come out of this cleanse. I truly believe we came to the perfect doctor for this one, right?


Cheers to that!

So what does this cleanse consist of?

Typically, individuals think that a detox consists of just drinking water to cleanse your body. This is wrong! There are so many types of detox’s that can help flush all the toxins in your body. For instance, with this detox, Dr. Oz has provided a list of recipes to follow each day. You are not to eat more or less then what he has asked of you. This detox carries all types of foods that have beneficial factor’s for your body, which is why he chose them. And all you do is make what he suggests -sounds simple to me!

But before the weekend starts, we are responsible for following his shopping list and buying all the products we need. So, Michelle and I received all our ingredients today and will be starting tomorrow!

Along with the cleanse we will maintain our daily exercise routines. By combining these two actions, hopefully we will get faster results. I cannot wait to see and share the results!

For more information on why you should consider a detox, here is Dr. Oz:

Let me know if you have tried any other detox and how it has benefited you.


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