About Mel

I’m Melanie, a 20 years old university student and health addict behind The Family Fix. While on my own journey to becoming fit, the Family Fix serves a daily dose of what I learn along the way.

Four years ago I was 30 pounds heavier, and dreaded the thought of workouts. But with the help of my best friend Kayla, dragging me to go running with her every morning, I now wake up with a craving for what i call a “digestive lifestyle” – good workouts and clean eating.

And here are some progress pictures of what my digestive lifestyle did achieve:


Melanie in grade ten vs. Melanie now

My weight is currently at a plateau of 155 pounds, so I thought I needed some sort of inspiration to help me lose those last couple pounds. And since my sister is up for the challenge, we think a little friendly competition will do the trick! So sit tight while these two sisters fight for the finish line. And don’t be afraid to join along!

Enjoy the ride!



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